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MicroPerch Introduction

MircoPerch Series Primary Objective “To educate people about improving the health of our planet while meeting their needs for life and happiness.”    MicroPerch Benefits People from all walks of... Read more

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Dwellings that educate, inform, and restore human ecology symbiotically with Earth ecology.

EarthWalk Dwellings™ is about providing energy independent shelters, potable water, and edible plants for people in all walks of life.  This is about cutting edge technology that virtually eliminates current onsite construction practices.  This same technology far outperforms all current technology homes by reducing energy consumption by up to 90%.  And it is affordable.

The name of this Living System Design: “MicroPerch™ Series Dwellings

The image renderings you about to see convey the appearance of our various designs.  To more fully understand their purpose and function please review these summary comments.


This series of dwellings enables individuals and public sector interests to assemble individual dwellings or villages that achieve the Eco-restorative objects for which they are intended.  In other words, they enable people to meet their needs while simultaneously producing a net-positive impact on the natural environment.

The designs you are about to see utilize cutting-edge technologies that can be fabricated in separate pieces or as modules, then transported either in ISO steel containers or on flatbed trucks.  These designs are very light weight, and do not require the use of placed concrete.  Their exterior components can be assembled by two people within a matter of days.  They are designed to function independent of utility electrical service or water connections. Most importantly they are each designed to provide

  • shelter

  • safe drinking water

  • edible plants for humans

  • enrichment of soils located around their immediate environs

Such capabilities render these dwellings capable of meeting the basic needs of their occupants, while simultaneously enriching the micro-ecosystems they impact.