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Tim Watson, Eco-Restorative Architect

Tim Watson serves as architect, educator, inventor, Sacred Pipe Carrier, Director / Co-Founder of EarthWalk Alliance, and Founder of Earthwalk Dwellings LLC.

Tim believes that buildings, their designers, and their occupants can play a key role in restoring humankind’s balance with nature’s grand design. Importantly, his eco-restorative philosophy embraces the spiritual connection that universally exists between humans and the natural world. He sees how this conversation can be taken to practical applications via the integration of Living Systems into the built environment everywhere.

This emerging life’s work has led him to develop a concept known as “Eco-restorative Design for Buildings”. His ideas embrace an approach to holistic building systems that draws from human ecology, earth ecology, biology, engineering and re-enculturation of social values which urgently need to be addressed during our time in history. He advocates the retrofitting and construction of structures that restore the Earth’s capacity to not only sustain but enhance biodiversity and populations of life forms affected by human built environment. His work focuses on helping people see how human derived Living Systems can mimic nature and serve as net contributors to nature’s micro ecosystems. He explains the health of our planet can be greatly augmented by the application of eco-restorative design to both existing and new human habitation sites everywhere. Tim is the inventor of unprecedented dwelling components which have been integrated in what is known as “MicroPerch Series” kit dwellings.

His early exposure to Native American cultures and their nature-based concepts helped draw Tim toward his Eco-restorative Design concepts. The writings of the eco-philosopher Thomas Berry added further inspiration to the evolution of Tim’s ideas. Thomas’ books, Dream of the Earth, and The Great Work, highlight the importance of human communities working in concert with nature’s planetary and local ecosystems. These writings, and the teachings of indigenous peoples, have helped Tim acquire a deepened awareness regarding the sacred nature of Earth Herself.

Tim is currently collaborating with people wanting to strengthen their active participation with good Earth Stewardship. He now serves as founder and lead designer for Earthwalk Dwellings LLC. The mission of this cadre of designers is to symbiotically nurture people and planet. He offers presentations on topics germane to this mission, and foresees how it is possible to make significant progress by the creation of demonstration communities throughout the world. Tim is helping local community interests envision a safe future for their children as well as the children of all life communities on Earth.

In his article written for “Ecozoic” magazine, Tim states:

“The time of anthropologically focused buildings must come to an end. In our immediate future, we must envision buildings and homes that directly serve both humankind, and the communities of life forms they impact.”  Tim Watson, “Ecologically Inspired Living Places ~ 2017 (See WRITINGS on this website)

Additional points about Tim Watson:

  • Graduated with a Master of Urban Ecological Design from Rice University in 1976.
  • Completed five year degree at University of Houston Architectural College.
  • Timothy L. Watson, NCARB (Member National Council Architectural Registration Board)
  • As an educator, personal time was donated within the auspices of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and its The American Institute of Architectural Students) AIAS student affiliation. By 1993, this volunteer work had brought to my attention new ways to help clients build “earth friendly” houses.  As a result of this new focus, Tim specialized in using non-toxic building materials for clients having chemical sensitivity syndrome concerns.
  • In 2017, Tim became the architect of record for a natural building project in Chapel Hill, NC. This is the first known structure utilizing earthen load bearing walls that has been granted a commercial occupancy permit in America. It’s projected annual energy budget is expected to be substantially less than $280 per year (approximately (8KW per day $0.80 x 360).

Roy Wright

COO & CIO, Intel Tradecraft Entrepreneur

Co-founder “EarthWalk Dwellings LLC” with Tim Watson ~ Architect as a collaborative venture with prime objective guiding Eco-restorative MicroPerch Series Design works. He is “EarthWalk Dwellings LLC” website creation designer & developer; as Chief Innovative Officer (CIO) tasked to prosecute dwelling contract work bids.

As an innovator with core Intel tradecraft skills, he shares his discipline knowledge with small business start-ups.  He was educated at University of Virginia (UVA) – School of Engineering Sciences (TJ Society 2014) and interned at UVA Research Laboratory for Engineering Sciences (RLES); and is a lifelong learner of science and technology continuing education (CE) on-line disciplines.

Tradecraft technology skills –AIRSHIP mil-spec micro-drones business development (BD), Holographic AI MicroRadar passive design BD, ARP TeraSpectra – Terahertz Scanning Spectrometer, MicroTactics Data Multiplexer developer BD, Incognito DNS Software BD, NEC Computer Addins – USN SNAP-II BD, PHILIPS Test Instruments BD, TANDBERG Voice Recorders BD, RLES/AEC/DOE Centrifuge Instruments technician, NASA Wallops-ESA Guiana Spaceport – Mobile Aeronomy Lab project manager, SBA Office of International Trade – SBAtlas on-line trade data project design and operations, CARICOM Secretariat – Thirteen Country Port Authorities Trade Data Optimization Protocol Study PI, Lockheed MC/ArmorShield Body Armor BD, Insurance Institute of America (IIA) ~ Designed and instrumented High Speed Film Camera system for IIA Compliance Lab for car impact crash tests.

Founded Innovative Institute of Material Studies, LLC, in 2007 to establish a research team for contract performance of a four year KDH/Air Force Research Labs study (PI) ~ Force Protection Material Sciences; Wright Marketing Company LLC in 1968 with core focus on instrumentation, computer and communication system applications business development (BD); BriarPatch Modular Housing SIP Envelope Building Designs – contracted to build Virginia Twin County Airport Op-Center project (1969); and stakeholder in Music America/Harptone Guitar Manufacturer of Independence, VA. (1976).

His community volunteer contributions include: Board of Advisory – National Graphene Association; Publisher & Editor of IoT Science & Technology Summit & Expo Blog; Publisher of Whisk & Quill Newsletters featuring DMV Food, Spirits, Travel, and Performing Theatre Arts Reviews authored by Jordan Wright; Publisher of Alexandria Amateur Radio Club ARC-SHORTS Newsletter; Behind-the-scenes-Scientist at Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History Departments of Paleobiology and Mineral Sciences; FIRST Chesapeake Robotics Regional Judge & Scholarship Fundraiser; DMV High & Middle School Science Fair Judge for Washington Junior Academy of Sciences; Web Curator for City of Alexandria’s Chinquapin Organic Gardens and Media Advisor to Del Ray Artisans.

Wayne Turner

Carlton “Wayne” Turner, PMP Construction Projects

Industrious, creative, communicative professional with a proven track record for thoughtful, profitable contribution. Serving in project management, planning, and team performance enhancement.

Issachar Corporation (DBA GreenTree Patent Drafting), Front Royal, VA ~ Active leadership of my own employees and nationwide client teams for production of patent and trademark illustrations serving patent attorneys, patent agents, and inventors throughout the United States; managed professional teams for development of strategic expert systems engineering software. Federal Pacific Transformer / Tennessee Log Homes / Century Stair Company; provided the Critical Path Method (CPM) management expertise for commercial urban construction projects. Next Step Design Group / EDMAR; produced custom curricula and provided private, on-site corporate training for numerous firms for AutoCAD, AutoCode Mechanical, Synthesis, and Paradox. SKF / Mayfran Int. / Elk Creek Raycarl / TRW Fuji Valve / Century Stairs / Fauquier County Water and Sanitation Authority / L. J. Smith / Line Power, Inc. / Cleveland Twist Drill / Asea Brown Boveri; provided architectural support services for homeowners and AIA architects, Andrew Stuart, AIA / Timothy Watson, AIA; sold and customized discipline-specific CAD stations and other networked PC environments. Next Step Design Group / MH Drafting / Mull Chiropractic.

Rural Patterns, Inc., The Plains, VA ~ Construction Systems Analyst and Design Coordinator – performed Critical Path Scheduling of scores of commercial, residential, and agricultural design and construction projects, with up to 26 concurrent jobs; monitored and facilitated the design development of multiple concurrent projects; provided CAD training for the technical support team; responsible for production of construction documents, permit acquisition, and municipal presentations; taught mathematics and trigonometry to project supervisors and foremen; executed precise plat and ‘as-built’ surveys as well as site planning and building layout.

Earned Bachelor of Science Charter Oak State College, New Britain, CT with honors – 3.9, concentrating in Architecture, Leadership, Management; College of William and Mary – Condensed Course Project Management with CPM; member Project Management Professional (PMP) credential through the Project Management Institute (PMI).

Copyrights and publications
Log-Logic™ – Analytical software for log home manufacturers.
Eq-Base™ – Production software for food service designers.
“TRIAD Makes ‘Custom Fit’ as Easy as ‘Off the Rack’”, CADENCE, June 1990

Erdem Ekinci

Erdem Veli Ekinci, CTO, Civil P.E., & Architectural Project Engineer

Formally trained and educated as a professional civil engineer in Turkey, Erdem spent his early career  professional years orchestrating complex urban infrastructure designs and international education facility construction projects.  Following his construction management duties involving a $60 million dollar budget university campus project in Central Asia, Erdem and his family moved back to the US where he decided to pursue his growing interest in green/sustainable construction. His interest focus on creating building designs that are not just structurally sound, practical, comfortable and supportive of their intended purpose, but also environmentally efficient, constructed of ecologically appropriate materials, and supportive of their natural surroundings.

Erdem’s experiences on large projects allow him to look at each structure, large or small and understand both how the dwelling is integrated into its surrounding site conditions as well as it’s ecological setting.  His interests draw upon “biomimicry” and site development infrastructure minimization.  His design expertise focuses on and how each detail fits into and supports the larger vision.  His keen eye has prevented countless design problems and future repairs, and helped clients significantly reduce costs associated with building construction and facility maintenance.

Working within the two closely aligned organizations named  ‘Earthwalk Dwellings, LLC” and “TLW Architects and Associates”,  Erdem works closely with “Eco-restoration” specialist architect Tim Watson to create digital blueprints and 3D models using Autocad and Revit.  Here he applies his eye for detail and draws upon his use of engineering calculations to ensure every construction document and image precisely meets the project vision.

In his spare time, Erdem enjoys working outside, perfecting his woodcrafting skills, teaching his daughter toddler mechanics, traveling, and watching documentaries on deep science.


Tracy Lynn

Tracy Lynn – Director of Public Relations

Tracy Lynn holds a recent B.A. in Geography – Human Populations and Minor in City and Regional Planning from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She is a former, and current, student of Tim Watson and was the first graduate of the Green Building Program at Central Carolina Community College’s Sustainable Technologies program. With extensive studies in affordable housing and policy, building science, energy efficiency, land use and regulation and more, Tracy got hooked on Tim’s eco-restorative principles and has enjoyed the journey and evolution of EarthWalk Dwellings.

A strong record as a good neighbor, leader of grassroots movements, decades of community development and non-profit work, advocate of affordable housing initiatives with thousands of hours in natural home and stick built construction, she is also a decent musician working on her third “album.”

Tracy attributes her resiliency and respect for land to an upbringing on her family’s five generation Pennsylvania farm which is protected under a Preservation Trust.  A North Carolina resident since 2014, she resides in a small AAC block owner-built home in downtown Pittsboro with her brilliant son who is a self-taught gunsmith and star of the high school tennis team.


Alex Mawhinney

Elder Housing Consultant

Alex Mawhinney holds a MS degree in Health Services Administration from Michigan State University. His consultancy practice creates a seamless support system of concierge services and personal care for elders to enable them to successfully age in place in community.  Additionally, consults on Elder Housing designs and program designs for aging in community.  He is accredited for “Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCAC) and licensed Nursing Home Administrator.

For the past ten years, Alex has provided Tim Watson, Architect with ongoing consultant reviews and recommendations.  His input has helped shape our ElderPerch design for aging populations.



Iara Lacher, Ph.D.

Ecological Landscape Consultant

Dr. Lacher is EWD’s consultant resource for ecologically based landscape designs. She will focus on assisting our organization with ongoing review input regarding the impact human built environment has on the natural world. She brings an essential depth of science to the interaction of soil, microbes, flora, and fauna and their interactions of our Living Systems building design components.

The science of biological interactive processes involving building science, permaculture, and Natueco science, are reflected in our shared work, as well.

She currently heads Seven Bends, a native plant production enterprise serving the Winchester Virginia area: plants@sevenbends.org



Roy Schmidt

Envelope Component Consultant

Roy Schmidt is currently consulting with our team on cutting-edge technology focused on pre-finished building envelope components which dramatically reduce assembly time for our MicroPerch Series kit dwellings. His panelized wall, floor, and roof systems also enable us to reduce utility provided energy service costs for all our dwelling designs.

Otis H. Johnson, Jr

Systems Building Engineer Consultant

Otis Johnson founder GreenShelters, LLC as Imagineer-In-Chief consults with our team on housing needs of retiring Americans to bring to market a family of high quality, easy-to-build, economical, environmentally-friendly, Small Houses by employing “state-of-art” building techniques, energy and water conservation methods and creative Internet marketing concepts. Otis is a certified Small House Construction Specialist, Shelter Institute of Woolwich, Maine and Small House Architecture/Construction practice.