Dr. Dani Mouawad Residence (Clay Slip Bearing Walls)

Aerial view of the Ecoheal Complex in Chapel Hill North Carolina showing Dr. Mouawad family residence, Ecoheal Center’s “living roof” on the left, and outdoor meeting circle.


Interior View of Dr. Mouawad Residence two and one-half story high roof span.   Centered beneath the central skylight is a custom designed steel collar connecting 12 steel tie rods.  These tension rods enabled us to build a 40 foot open space span across the entire width of the house. The clerestory interior windows allow heat gravity ventilation to naturally occur from each upstairs room.


Entry doorway view with Ecoheal Center building far beyond. The door and entrance millwork were made from Cedar trees which once grew where the house now stands. Notice the chain just visible beyond the upper right hand corner of the window. Two of these chains allow suspension of the entire landing high above the ground below.


Ecoheal residence balconies are supported by chain tension supports eliminating the need for support columns and foundations below. The architect is holding one of these support  chains.