Elder Village

An alternative approach to creating livable communities for retirees.

The uniqueness of the community project extends beyond concern for the environment.  Its inspiration is to find new ways to design intergenerational communities intended to more fully meet the needs of aging Americans.  Aging in Place, Universal Design, and American Disabilities Act (ADA) design guidelines are used to achieve community village design standards  Community Village’s especially intended for people who prefer to not live in assisted care and nursing home facilities.  Future planning includes care for those experiencing debilitating illness with “in the home” visitation services as well as hospice care inspired by The New Monk Project.

Within the larger Village Community, future residents will find themselves just a golf cart ride away from younger families, community center facilities, and small business commercial services.

The Community Village concept is situated close to the entrance.  It offers the following onsite features and amenities:

  1. The shuttle bus stops for destinations outside Village Community

  2. Golf Cart charging Photovoltaic Array (solar panels used to make electricity)

  3. Peripheral car parking and Golf cart storage/recharge area

  4. Gold cart lanes (designed to accommodate emergency and delivery vehicles)

  5. Land space for individual and community gardening and orchard area

  6. Seasonal rain gardens to restore biodiversity and safeguard water flows

  7. Retention pond designed for aquatic life and stormwater management

  8. Privacy wall screening using evergreen landscaping in lieu of fencing

  9. Barrier-free access through-out the site and to each dwelling

  10. “Permaculture” systems installation and maintenance services

  11. On-site utility co-operative to install and maintain high tech power generation

  12. Access to other Village Community amenities as described in the Walk Softly LLC website.