GroundPerch Microhouse Series One and Two Designs

GroundPerch is another member of the MicroPerch Series designs.  After years of development this kit dwelling is designed to be very affordable, function “off grid” without utility hook-up or public water supply, as well as recharge the fertility surrounding it’s assembly site.

Here are some of the most unusual features provided with each one of our kit houses.

• Uses highly insulated structurally integrated panels and interior materials that do not produce hazardous volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
• The kit’s primary components can be assembled by two or more people within several days using simple hand tools.
• Insulation and systems design for exceeds Energy Star standards thus dramatically reducing utility cost
• For those seeking affordable housing our projected assembly line cost to be well under $100.00 per square foot Cost for all three combined modules totaling 1100 square feet: $70,000 plus option systems and shipping.
• For those wanting to optimize both passive solar energy flows as well as indoor planting opportunities an optional Solarium/Greenhouse System can be added dramatically increasing year-round living space and plant growing.
• For those interested in living off the grid, the entire assembly of modules uses 12 volt DC power directly from our optional photovoltaic system thereby making it possible to be independent of utility power connections.
• A unique foundation that can be dissembled along with the rest of these kits.

The Following images show GroundPerch in its various configurations and perspective views.

GroundPerch Module A Southwest and Southwest (330 Sq. Ft. Interior Space as shown)
Modules A & B with one solarium (630 sq. ft. of conditioned space)
GroundPerch Modules A, B, & C (Conditioned space 1,010 sq. ft. as shown)