HeroPerch ~ One of the MicroPerch Series Kit House Designs

Take a flight around our “HeroPerch” dwelling primarily meant for tropical and sub-tropical locations!

Utilizing panelized technology: Steel Structural Insulated Panels (S.S.I.P) to qualify for high-performance Energy Star rating. Designed for mass production. The exterior deck area is designed to accommodate seasonal use of greenhouse and/or solarium functions.  Use of optional greenhouse/solarium is essential for the generation of heat resource during the winter months.

You are about to see a small dwellings known as HeroPerch.

HeroPerch Space Allocation     – a = 200 b = 140  d = 340 c = 300

a. = net interior footage  b. = net exterior footage  c. = shaded area at grade footage d. = total dwelling footages

Designs address:

  • High affordability due to utilizing on-site labor by owner/occupant

  • Potential interior build-out buy owner/occupant reduces cost

  • All panelized components are very lightweight thereby avoiding the need for lift machinery

  • Protection for people ranging from safety from insects to predatory hazards like criminals

  • Optional stand-alone power capability (off-grid)
  • Outstanding protection from sun exposure

  • Rainwater collection and distribution capability

  • Production of food stocks and soil nutrients

  • Kit assembly requires no equipment or specialized tools due to light-weight component design

  • Panelized steel SIP technology delivers long-lasting durability and fire-resistance

  • Greenhouse/solarium providing owner/occupant heating options and edible plant growing options

HeroPerch Optional Systems

  • Rainwater collection, storage, and distribution system

  • 12 Volt DC electrical system or connection to public utilities

  • Potable water filtration system

  • Galvanized metal planting troughs 60 inches by 30 inches by 24 inches high (NOM)

  • Vertical horticulture growing racks

  • Translucent plastic panel awnings


This design enables occupants to obtain locally available materials. Basic and full-capacity electrification systems are optionally available. This design provides all primary structural members along with a complete roofing system.  This roofing system   designs can support green roof applications.  The primary benefit of occupants is being able to utilize this green roof for growing edible plants far removed from invasive insects and wildlife as well as thieves.

This configuration is suitable for both tropical and temperate zone localities The principal design use steel SIP wall and floor sections which provide a fully insulted enclosure on all six sides.  HeroPerch provides the basic amenities deemed essential to meet occupant needs.  Such as toilet, shower, sink, interior water storage and heating when applicable.


The images provided below illustrate factory interior layout and design.

Top View of Interior Room Concept Layout


View of kitchen use space as seen from the west exterior wall


View of hallway to kitchen and solarium


View hallway


View of reading and mind workout area


View of media and relaxation space


Solarium Space View of cocktail and high tea


View of Sunning deck space


View from southwest


View from the east


View from west at dawn


View at sunset