MicroPerch Mission

“MircoPerch Series” Dwelling ~ Living Systems

To re-educate people about how they can participate in the eco-restoration of planet Earth, and demonstrate to them how it is possible for people to enrich human and planetary health through the assembly and shared use of “Micro Village” communities.


By creating “Living Systems” zero CO2 emissions dwellings called “Micro Perches” that can be independent of fossil technology once they are assembled. These kit dwellings and the Micro Villages they manifest offer:

  • Self-reliant use of shelter for people and nearby micro ecological processes impacted by people
  • Harvested rainwater for people and nearby micro ecological processes impacted by people
  • Edible plant propagation and nutrient flows for people and nearby micro ecological processes impacted by people
  • Re-establishment of earth care community-based social and ecological values in western world cultures


People’s lives are becoming increasingly endangered due to Global Warming and ongoing diminution of our planetary ecosystem.

Where to assemble “Micro Villages”?

Throughout all 24 time zones on planet Earth.


Starting now with first prototype completed in 2020, then EarthWalk Demonstration Village south of Washington D.C. to be completed in 2021, then culminating with mass-produced “MicroPerch” assembly kits for planetary distribution thereafter.

“MicroPerch Series” Dwelling Attributes

  • mass produced lightweight prefabricated insulating panels and foundation components that avoid any use of placed concrete or need for using earth-moving or heavy lifting machinery
  • exterior components can be assembled by two future occupants within about five (5) days
  • these dwellings are so affordable they are less costly to own as compared with premanufactured mobile homes in the USA
  • exceptionally low energy use (if electrical grid tied, approximately $150-$300 per year per Module One electrical system)
  • offer built-in “Living Systems” enabling people to be independent of any off-site derived energy flows or food resources, while also enabling people to enrich surrounding  soil quality, soil fertility, and pursue high Earth Care values

“MicroPerch Series” Benefits

People from all walks of life stand to benefit from the proper use of “Living Systems” design elements integrated into our GroundPerch, ElderPerch, and TreePerch designs. These dwellings serve:

  • homeless and disadvantaged populations
  • lower middle-income populations
  • people lacking enough safe drinking water and organically home-grown food
  • victims of natural disasters such as tornadoes, earthquakes, wildfires, and hurricanes
  • victims of mass migration and collapsing resources essential to maintaining human health
  • people desiring to experience living in a cohesive community setting
  • horticulturalists and “permaculture” technology enthusiasts
  • people interested in having an affordable home for their retired parents
  • people wanting to play an active role in restoring the biotic health of planet Earth

“MicroPerch Series” Educational Benefits

As stated above, our main objective within the MircoPerch Series of designs is to teach people how to take care of their own basic life needs, while at the same time our kit dwellings teach people how to enhance the ecological needs of local ecosystems. Each of our kit dwellings is delivered with all assembly instructions along with all tools needed to assemble them. That means no trips to the hardware store. Everything you need is prefabricated and designed to avoid the need for specialty trade work such as electricians and drywall installers. No finish out painting and sealing is required. Here are the teaching/learning opportunities awaiting you:

  • teaches you how to assemble, maintain, and repair your own home
  • teaches you how to operate the various Living Systems that have been incorporated into your kit dwelling
  • teaches you how to employ the use of agrarian earth sciences in ways that co-mutually enhance your life and the lives within the greater community of life around you
  • sets the stage for living in human communities that benefit all concerned


Imagine, if you will, living your life in a way that places your destiny and well-being in your own hands. Our Living System Designs can empower you to become self-reliant. Imagine for yourself living in a new life story that can be lived with dignity and a sense of connection with the immediate environs surrounding wherever you may choose to live. Imagine for yourself living a new life in ways that will see you contributing to a life-enhancing legacy for your children and all the children of Earth. This Living Systems Design legacy is based on the enrichment of the soil, which in turn engenders more growing plants and biota. This is a story about people benefiting themselves, as well as nature. This is a story that will set the stage for humans becoming a positive net contributor to the natural world.