MicroVillage and MicroPerch Dwelling Series

The following Family of Affordable Homes identifies the various designations for our MicroPerch ™ Series house designs.  With the exception of ElderPerch ™ Cottage and WheelPerch ™ all designations are to be assembled by their owners/occupants at their intended site locations.


1. TreePerch ™ Kit House – tropical and sub-tropical climate zones, coastal and riverine locations subject to flooding; augured pier foundation; allows increased living space through the addition of Modules Two and Three

2. GroundPerch ™ Kit House – temperate climate zone utilizing patent pending light weight foundation; allows increased living space through the addition of Modules Two and Three


3. UniversalPerch ™ Kit House – subtropical and temperate climate zones; light weight foundation; bridges current technology with eco-restorative design; technology; marketing primarily domestic and industrial world consumers


4. ElderPerch ™ Kit House – American Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant; patent pending light weight foundation

5. ElderPerch Kit House Plus – sub tropical and temperature climate zones, American Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant, light weight foundation

6. ElderPerch Cottage – all climate zones, ADA compliant, utilizes precast concrete cistern foundation; uses prefabricated modular components shipped to the point of use; two overall prefabricated units are augmented by “box-out” components which expand floor plan ares; passive solar design; indoor gross area is 620 square fee and outdoor screened “lani” is an additional 220 square feet.

7. HeroPerch ™ Kit House – sub tropical and temperate climate zones, American Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant, patent-pending light weight foundation; meeting the needs of U. S. military veterans with disabilities

8. WheelPerch ™ – sub tropical and temperate climate zones, utilizes two (2) recreational vehicle compliant roadway trailerable units which combine to provide one “temporary dwelling”; features deployable outdoor enclosures and or decks; 576 gross square feet habitable space; outdoor deck areas 185 square feet.

Note: 1. items shown in red indicate designs targeting “aging in place” baby-boomer populations and Americans with disabilities

2. Item shown in green is our proposed newest addition to the family of Perches.  It avoids use of as of yet proven systems by relying on conventional HVAC and non-demountable systems.

Perch Terminology Definitions and Background

MicroPerch™ Series – The family of 6 small dwelling products which are designed to “Perch” on the ground using unconventional foundation systems.  Included in the MicroPerch series are two additional designs which do not utilize the patent-pending lightweight design.

MicroVillage™ – An interrelated grouping of eco-restorative design “MicroPerch dwellings numbering 20 or more dwelling units.  Included in this system of dwellings are the additional larger economy of scale amenities such as a solar concentrator/generator, solar cooking device designed to steam food, and gravity percolator for production of compost tea.  ISO shipping containers used to deliver our product can be used to secure these amenities along with other optional equipment.

Living Systems Education ~  “Nurturing People & Planet” ™ by Tim Watson